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Lily Is Almost Too Good Too Be True

Lily Marston is a popular YouTuber, actress, model, and social media influencer who has become a huge sensation on many social media platforms. Below are a couple of things you probably didn’t know about this gorgeous Instagram star.

Why Is Lily Marston Famous?
Lily is famous for hosting Beauty Break on her YouTube Channel, Clevver Style. She also acts as a producer and supervisor on Clevver TV.

She loves to post a variety of lifestyle vlogs on her channel, which has around half a million subscribers.

Date Of Birth
March 28, 1990

Birth Place
California, United States

She has kept details about her family and relatives private.

Traveling, modeling, trying out new foods, exploring new cultures, and creating social media content. She is also an animal lover and has a pet dog named Max Marston.

Lily is also passionate about photography and has an Instagram account named TheLilzLens on which she posts photos and shows off her editing skills.

Who Is Lily Marston Dating?
Lily is currently single.

Lily Marston Social Media
In 2021, she announced her new show, What’s In Store.

She is also available on X, where she has over 100k followers. She posts about many topics, including politics.

She has her own YouTube channel, titled Lily Marston, which has over 400k subscribers. She vlogs on the channel about what’s going on in her life such as new foods she is trying, her social life, and shows she has been part of in the past. Her content on the channel has enjoyed over 20 million views.

Lily and Jessi Smiles also own a channel named “Do We Know Them?” They created the channel back in 2022, and it already has more than 87k subscribers who get to listen to videos in which they offer their unique perspectives on internet drama.

Lily is also active on TikTok, where she has over 50k followers and more than 400k likes on her content. She uses the platform to post videos about her life and issues that interest her.

About Lily Marston
Lily attended Westlake High School after completing her studies in a private learning institution.

After completing her high school studies, she pursued a degree in Arts at Arizona State University back in 2012. While she was studying, she was also working as a technology consultant.

Before then, she had worked as an intern at Big Screen Network Productions in 2007.

Clevver TV is hugely popular, and she co-produced the show with Dana Ward.

Her friend Joslyn Davis had seen her potential and helped her get a job as a producer, director, and editor at Clevver TV. She has since grown to become a huge YouTuber and has been in mini-series such as Beauty Break, Throwback, and Clever Now.

Eventually, she and Joslyn started their own company named Shared Media. Other friends who took part in the venture include Lisa Hiser, Renee Ariel, and Fiona Zaring. The outfit has so far acquired lots of fans.

She has also been in the sitcom, Hair Spray Live. Her role in the sitcom came about after Universal Studios saw her potential.

Thanks to her popularity, she endorses several brands and products, which is one of the ways she makes money as an influencer.

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