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Kick Back And Relax With Alexandra

Alexandra Alrey Cobrin is a classical ballerina turned actress known for her role as Molly in the Showtime series Look: The Series. She is on Instagram as @ali_cobrin.

Why Is Ali Cobrin Famous?
Cobrin is famous for her roles as Molly in the Look series and as Kara in the 2012 film American Reunion, a sequel to the original American Pie film series.

Date Of Birth
July 21, 1989

Birth Place
Chicago, Illinois, United States

Cobrin has an Instagram story tab dedicated to her family. It shows pictures of her with her parents and older brother. It seems she lost her mom at some point because she only shares moments from her dad’s birthday and has two step sisters.

She is married to Zak Resnick and they have a daughter together, Rocky.

Ali Cobrin loves Taylor Swift and even went to her concerts while pregnant. She loves a certain salad called the Bliss Bowl, made of pickled watermelons and seasonal greens.

She loves traveling and trying new things. Her journey to Seoul, Korea is filled with every new thing she tries out; the same as Paris. They have dedicated Instagram story tabs on her page.

Cobrin also enjoys spending time at home with her pets, a cat and a dog.

Who Is Ali Cobrin Dating?
Ali Cobrin is married.

Ali Cobrin Dating History
She was only in one known relationship with Zak Resnick, They got engaged on July 23, 2017, and got married a year later on October 7, 2018.

Ali Cobrin Social Media
She has accounts across multiple social media platforms. On Instagram, she has over 100k followers with over 1,000 posts made. She gets thousands of likes per post, an average of 3,000, and tens of comments. She promotes her career and shares moments from her life with her fans.

On TikTok, she has over 6,000 followers and more than 13k likes amassed since she joined the platform. She has more goofy videos on the platform, albeit few.

She is on X with almost 26k followers with whom she shares random thoughts, and promotes herself as a brand. She sometimes uses her Twitter account as a Taylor Swift fan page. She shared a lot about her pregnancy journey with fans on X. She is also on Facebook.

About Ali Cobrin
Ali Cobrin went to the Chicago Academy for the Arts where she studied musical theater. When she was growing up, she was a classical ballerina and even took part in the Junior Olympics.

She started her career in entertainment by doing improvisation with a group called Second City when she was a teenager. She also danced with a ballet company called Burklyn Ballet Theater, and they even went to Scotland to perform at a big festival. At the same time, she got to be in some workshops for Broadway musicals like “All That Jazz” and “Wonderland,” which were directed by famous people like Ben Vereen and Frank Wildhorn.

Once she finished high school at just 17 years old, she moved to Los Angeles, California, to try to become an actress.

Cobrin’s acting career began with small roles in television shows like “American Pie Presents: Band Camp” in 2005. She gained more recognition when she appeared in the 2008 comedy film “American Reunion,” where she played the role of Kara, one of the main characters.

Aside from her work in the “American Pie” franchise, Ali Cobrin has also appeared in various TV shows and movies. Some of her other notable credits include appearances in television series like “Kingshighway,” “Look,” and “Chicago Fire.” She has also acted in independent films like “Neighbors” and “Life’s an Itch.”

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