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Jessica Is Almost Too Good Too Be True

Jessica Morris is a successful and beautiful actress and writer from the United States. Her Instagram is jessicamorris01. In 2023 she changed her last name to Hills after getting married.

Why Is Jessica Morris Famous?
Jessica Morris, widely recognized for her role as Jennifer Rappaport in ABC’s “One Life to Live,” has established herself as a prominent figure in the world of television and independent films.

She gained acclaim for her performance in Lifetime TV’s popular film “Secret Lives Of Housewives” and has made notable guest appearances on well-known primetime series like Fox’s “Rosewood” and TNT’s “Perception.”

She has a diverse portfolio of movies and TV series to her credit. Her roles span across different genres, including her appearance as “Linda the Teacher” in the 2008 comedy “Role Models” and her role in the 2010 fantasy film “Fading of the Cries.” In 2014, she took on the lead role in the horror film “Haunting of the Innocent.”

Date Of Birth
16 May 1979

Birth Place
Jacksonville, Florida, US

Jessica’s parents are Don Morris and Elaine Morris. Sadly, her father, Don, made the heartbreaking decision to take his own life. Jessica acknowledges that he had been facing inner struggles for a considerable period, and she hopes that his soul has now found peace.

She was raised alongside her older brother, Wesley, and her younger sister, Natalie.

Jessica has found a love for writing stories for the screen. She aspires to turn her dream series into a reality and have it written and sold.

In her free time, she enjoys watching movies of all kinds. She’s drawn to anything that captures her interest, whether it’s a romantic comedy, a drama, or a thrilling story. Jessica particularly adores superhero movies because they’re entertaining, action-packed, and often carry a positive message about good triumphing over evil.

She has a cat who often shows up in her social media posts.

Who Is Jessica Morris Dating?
In May 2023, she tied the knot with Rib Hillis, a model, actor, and designer. The couple seem very happy together as they often share photos and videos from their daily life.

Jessica posts content related to her career, events in her life, and stylish modeling photos. Fans love her natural beauty and timeless elegance.

About Jessica Morris
Jessica began her acting journey in an unusual place – a cheese cracker commercial in Tokyo, Japan, during a summer she spent there as a teenager.

Her childhood dream was to become a professional dancer, and she pursued it passionately, taking dance lessons and performing professionally. However, her aspirations eventually shifted from dance to acting, leading her to move to Los Angeles.

In L.A., she was determined to fully immerse herself in the entertainment industry and pursue a career as an actress. After her arrival, Jessica started with various small roles before eventually landing the significant part of Jennifer Rappaport.


Throughout her life, Jessica has always been a highly creative individual, and she discovered that acting is where she finds true fulfillment in her artistic spirit.

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