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Take A Real Good Look At Amber

Amber Scholl is a YouTuber, social media personality, and influencer from the United States. Her Instagram is amberscholl.

Why Is Amber Scholl Famous?
Amber gained fame through her YouTube channel, where she has amassed an impressive following. She made headlines for creating do-it-yourself (DIY) videos demonstrating how to craft a prom dress from trash bags and a wedding dress from toilet paper.

Additionally, Amber has been a registered actress with SAG-AFTRA since October 2014. Before her YouTube success, she was active in beauty pageants and achieved the title of Miss Arizona.

Date Of Birth
13 August 1993

Birth Place
Virginia, United States

She is the oldest among three daughters and has two sisters named Alyssa and Angela.

Amber regularly exercises at the gym with a trainer to stay fit. Her vegetarian diet helps her maintain her weight.

She spent her childhood on a farm surrounded by different animals and can still ride horses quite well.

Amber has a passion for shopping, especially when it comes to shoes; she owns hundreds of them. She admires the Kardashians and finds inspiration in their lives, style, and fashion. Kim Kardashian is one of her role models.

Who Is Amber Scholl Dating?
She might be single.

Amber Scholl Dating History
Amber states that she’s always been single and hasn’t been in a serious relationship. She confesses on her YouTube channel that it’s likely because she hasn’t encountered someone who truly captures her interest.

Amber Scholl Social Media
Her first post dates back to 2011. Her Instagram photos get up to 100k likes, around 50k on average.

Amber posts stunning, high-quality pictures of herself showcasing fashion and accessories. She often uses warm tones in her photos, giving them a magical vibe. Amber isn’t shy about flaunting her fantastic physique in glamorous swimwear and outfits.

What makes Amber Scholl unique among other popular YouTubers is her talent for finding creative and cost-effective solutions to everyday challenges. Her fans adore her for being authentic.

About Amber Scholl
She was a broadcasting student who dreamt of becoming a newscaster. During her student years, she gained valuable experience as an intern at Clevver Media, worked as an Entertainment Correspondent for Blanco Bleu Productions and Maximo TV, and even took on the role of a Celebrity Host at WMTV.

In October 2011, she initially joined YouTube to share her red-carpet interviews for networks like ‘MSN Celebrity’. After graduating with a major in Broadcast Journalism in May 2015, Amber faced the competitive job market in Los Angeles.

Her breakthrough came when she posted a budget-friendly DIY marble floor video on her YouTube channel in mid-2016. Facing financial challenges at the time, she turned to social media to create her own success story.

She couldn’t afford the items featured by most popular YouTubers. This inspired her to share her creative ideas with an audience who, like her, were on a budget. The concept resonated well with her niche audience, and her channel took off.

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