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Kim Will Leave You Jaw Dropped

Kim Lamarin is a German pop artist and entrepreneur. She owns a self-named clothing line, Lamarin Apparel.

Why Is Kim Lamarin Famous?
Kim Lamarin is famous as one of Germany’s most popular influencers and is also well-known for her music.

She is also famous for her gorgeous and sexy Instagram pictures that draws fans even from outside Germany.

Date Of Birth
November 20, 1996

Birth Place

The Instagram shares very little about her family online.

Lamarin loves fashion and this explains her choice to start a fashion line in her name. She loves neon colors and her whom she has been “best friends” with since 2016.

She loves traveling, and keeping fit, and is often at the gym, taking pictures, singing, and dancing.

Who Is Kim Lamarin Dating?
Lamarin is single.

Kim Lamarin Dating History
Previous relationships are unknown.

Kim Lamarin Social Media
Kim Lamarin is a social butterfly and has accounts across multiple social media platforms.

She has an Instagram account with over 430k followers with whom she shares fitness tips and gorgeous bikini pictures while sharing travel content.

Her first post on the platform was in August 2013.

She is pretty active on TikTok with over 190k followers whom she shares lifestyle vlogs and random goofy videos with.

Her self-named YouTube account has over 87k subscribers with whom she majorly shares her music.

Lamarin is a verified artist on Spotify and has over 11,000 active monthly listeners. Her song “Sama Je” has over 1.5 million listens on the platforms. It is her most-played song on the platform.

About Kim Lamarin
Kim Lamarin currently lives in Austria. She is focused on her fashion line and makes music that a lot of people like. Her music is a mix of German rap, Croatian elements, and danceable Balkan beats that make you want to dance in a club.

Two of her songs, “Briga Me” and “Sama Je,” have been watched over 8 million times on YouTube. Her music has a unique style, and in recent months, she went from being a little-known artist to one of the most exciting talents to watch this year in Germany. She released her first single, “99+,” with Universal Music in 2021, and people loved it.

She recently released a new single titled DODJI via Seven Sky Entertainment.

She continues to entertain her growing fanbase not only with pictures but with captivating pictures and videos of herself.

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