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Melii is Just… WoW

Melii, whose full name is Audrey Grinell Ducasse, is a rapper, model, influencer, and social media star who is known for her many talents and exciting content on Instagram. Here are some things you should know about her.

Why Is Melii Famous?
Melii is famous for her retake of Cardi B’s Bodak Yellow back in 2017. This gave her fame as a singer and rapper.

However, she also established herself as a creative and talented star with the release of her own tracks. She later released the album, PhAses in 2019 and later released Medusa EP in 2022.

Date Of Birth
30 December 1997

Birth Place
New York, United States

Her parents are Dominican, but she was born in East Harlem. Her dad moved from the Dominican Republican Republic to the United States in his early twenties.

She is fluent in both Spanish and English.

She loves traveling, dancing, and creating social media content.

Who Is Melii Dating?
Currently, she is single.

Melii Dating History
She was in a relationship with a man but broke up, alleging him of harassment. After the end of the relationship, she decided to take time and rebuild herself before getting into another relationship.

Melii Social Media
On Instagram, she loves to post photos that show off her curvy figure and unique fashion style. Her posts get an average of about 70k likes each.

She is also active on YouTube, where she shares her music with the world. One of her songs, HLM featuring A Boogie with da Hoodie, has over 1.5 million views.

About Melii
After she completed her high school studies, she got a bachelor’s degree. When she was young, she would perform at nursing homes, which is what helped her nurture her interest in music.

Since she was young, Melii was interested in a career as an artist. After she made her debut in 2017 with “No Simple Trick,” she released “Bodak Yellow,” and later “Balling.”

While growing up in Harlem, she was exposed to Dominican and Latin fusion sounds, but after she encountered J. Cole’s song “College Boy”, she became interested in rapping.


She has had a chance to perform with artists such as Tony Lanez.

Melii has done remixes to songs by Cardi B, Khalid, and Logic.

When she was 19 years old, she was charged with shooting a man at the Hanover Village Apartment Complex. The man survived the incident and she was given a bail of 25k.

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