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Has Arrived Right on Time Andrea

Andrea Verešová is a model, actress, influencer, businesswoman, philanthropist, and one-time Miss Slovakia.

In 2010, she appeared on the cover issue of the Czech language edition of Playboy.

Why Is Andrea Verešová Famous?
As an actress, she is famous for her roles in The Prince and Me (2004), Spindl 2 (2019), and Panic je nanic (2006). She is also one of the most popular Czech models and has walked the runway for various fashion shows including the Czech Fashion Week.

She is a well-sought-after swimsuit model in Slovakia and a respected social media influencer.

Her 1999 Miss Slovakia title was the start of a career journey that has since proven worth her while.

Date Of Birth
June 28, 1980

Birth Place
Žilina, Slovakia

She is the daughter of Ester Verešová and Ondrej Vereš. She has a sister named Alexandra and a niece named Ella.

Andrea has her own close-knit family with her husband Daniel Volopich. They got married in 2007 and have since been together. They have two kids together, a daughter named Vanessa and a son.

The model loves skiing, yoga, pilates, swimming and dancing. Winter sports are activities she enjoys with her family.

Who Is Andrea Verešová Dating
Andrea Verešová is married to lawyer and entrepreneur Daniel Volopich.

Andrea Verešová Dating History
She was reportedly in a relationship with Czech hockey star Jaromír Jágr before meeting and getting married to her husband.

Andrea Verešová Social Media
Andrea is most active on Instagram where she has garnered over 430k followers with whom she shares moments from her personal life, every new business venture, and every step of her growth.

She uses the platform to promote her businesses including Aver Fashion, a clothing line that produces gowns, nightwear, t-shirts, caps, scarves, perfumes, and other fashion items.

She also promotes her food supplement and skincare line, Naiada Beauty, and her charity endeavors with Nadacni Fond Audrey Veresove (NFAV), her NGO which helps kids with complex life situations, handicapped children, autistic kids, children from socially disadvantaged families, and orphanages.

She has separate Instagram pages for each with thousands of followers for the first two and hundreds of followers for NFAV.

She keeps fans and supporters updated with their successes and accomplishments.

About Andrea Verešová
While Andrea takes pleasure in being a successful businesswoman, she takes pride in being a mom and wife and cares deeply for her loved ones. She always makes time to spend quality time with them regardless of her busy schedule and engagements.

The Slovak model is a cover girl queen and has appeared on the cover of various magazines including the Czech language edition of Playboy, Top Class, Maxim, and EVA Hriešne Dobrá amongst many others.

She supports her children’s dreams and is proud of their every accomplishment. Recently her daughter Vanessa won a gold medal from the European Olympics for Skiing and Snowboarding and she dedicated an entire Instagram post to serenading her courage and success despite setbacks.

The former beauty queen and successful founder, model, and philanthropist is not slowing down anytime soon. She continues to maintain her gorgeous looks while launching a new line of products, Prosecco Wine.

Andrea’s dedication and business versatility make her an inspiration to her followers and others alike.

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