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You Gotta Love Megan

Megan Grubb, now known as Meggan Kirkland, is a British internet personality, YouTuber, and fitness enthusiast. She advocates for a balanced and healthy lifestyle, highlighting the significance of fitness while emphasizing that it shouldn’t dominate one’s life.

Here are some things you should know about her.

Why Is Meggan Grubb Famous?
She rose to fame on Instagram by chronicling her fitness journey, dietary choices, and commitment to a healthy lifestyle in her personal photo blog series.

Her fit and curvy body often in colorful bikinis attracted a lot of fans and contributed to the fame that has earned her over a million followers on the platform.

Date Of Birth
February 28, 1996

Birth Place
London, England

She is married to Niall Kirkland and they have a cute family together. They got married in 2022 and their daughter, Winnie Valerie Kirkland, was born on July 12, 2023.

Meggan enjoys swimming, writing, traveling, beach walks, and fishing.

She loves dogs and their little family has two and one cute cat.

Australia is her favorite vacation destination.

Who Is Meggan Grubb Dating?

Meggan Grubb is married to popular food blogger Niall Kirkland.

Meggan Grubb Dating History
Previous relationships are unknown.

Meggan Grub Social Media
Meggan loved fashion and fitness. She shared her journey on Instagram and gradually built a strong profile that garnered over 1 million followers.

Her fitness regime, and her attractive and sizzling photos keep her fans entertained on the gram. She also shares beautiful moments from her personal life with her small but close-knit family and friends.

She has a self-named YouTube channel with over 500k subscribers and over 600 videos with more than 65 million views in total. She joined the platform in January 2017. She shares fitness and fashion hacks, beauty tips, lifestyle videos, travel vlogs, and even pranks on her channel.

Her first YouTube video was titled What I Eat | GLUTES & BACK WORKOUT | Songwriting & Chocolate in the same year.

She is building a community on TikTok but it hasn’t really gained traction.

About Meggan Grubb
Since she started promoting herself on social media, Meggan has moved from just posting sizzling photos to building an entire career on social media.

She is not just a fitness blogger but a model, Instagram star, successful YouTuber, and social media influencer.

Her growth through life has also been documented on her most active social media platforms. The growth she has experienced is not only limited to her career but applies to her personal life. She went from single to married to mom within a short period of time and totally basks in the delight each brings.

She is the founder of sim and gym brand, MoveWithBluee and also has an app called Beyond where she shares fitness tips and tutorials.

She is very dedicated to fitness, even while pregnant with Winnie, she kept up most of her routines and still served her fans sizzling photos.

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