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Erin-Louise Looks Like A Million Bucks

Erin-Louise Camilleri is a 26-year-old international flight attendant and cheerleader from Sydney, Australia, who finds fulfillment in motivating people to embrace a life they genuinely adore, never settling for anything less. Here are some things you should know about her.

Why is Erin-Louise Camilleri Famous?
Camilleri is famous for her fitness regime, openness about her love life, wholesome and bright content, and influencer duties for gym wear and body suit brands.

Her fit and slightly curvy body in a bikini is a pleasure to behold for all.

Date Of Birth

Birth Place
Sydney, Australia

While she shares a lot about her friendships and love life, she shares little about her family.

She enjoys going on adventures and visiting the beach. About the beach, she says, “I love it here.”

She also enjoys dancing, especially cheerleading. She is officially a cheerleader with Penrith Panthers.

Who Is Erin-Louise Camilleri Dating?
Camilleri found the “love of her life”, Manu Taylorgreen, about two years ago. She is very open about their relationship. They travel together, influence together, and even take part in each other’s fitness regime.

They recently moved in together after getting approved to get their first home together.

Erin-Louise Camilleri Social Media
Camilleri is most active on Instagram and TikTok. On the former, she has over 70k followers presently, and even though it is her main platform, her TikTok is gaining more traction and has over 150k followers.

She gets thousands of likes and tens of comments per post on both platforms.

She shares a lot about her cheerleading, love life, and friendships on them. While crafting an aesthetically appealing feed holds its value, Camilleri’s primary objective is to evoke emotions in her audience through her content. Whether it’s empowerment, inspiration, or even just a good laugh, you never quite know what to anticipate when you stumble upon her posts.

About Erin-Louise Camilleri
Erin-Louise Camilleri is a cheerleader, influencer, and model working under Vive Management.

She left her job as a flight attendant and chose to pursue something else after she had been stood down from flying for a year and a half in the middle of lockdown and had no idea when she would be going back.

She has a self-named YouTube channel but has only one video there. She recently launched a podcast with her close friend Emma Claiir called “Sipping Through Life.” It is a podcast with no limits and no rules where no topic is off-limits.

Through her authentic openness, she has nurtured a devoted community. Her purposeful content underscores the idea that positivity can persist through life’s highs and lows. Facing the challenges life throws at us, she emphasizes the importance of staying true to oneself and trusting the process.

Her life motto is to “Spread Love and Be Kind,” a philosophy she lives by and encourages in others. While she initially built an online community while working full-time, the standstill brought by COVID-19 pushed her to fully embrace content creation and social media, leading to her current thriving status.

Erin-Louise is a vibrant force, enthusiastic about a healthy and balanced lifestyle. She dedicates time to working out 4-5 times a week, but she’s also not one to pass up a fun night out with friends or a guilty pleasure like a delicious hamburger!


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