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Karina Has Arrived Right on Time

Karina Elle Lisenbee is a fitness model, social media influencer, and entrepreneur. She is an influencer for bikini brands like Lounge Underwear and for gym outfits like Ryder Wear.

She is popular for her fitness routine and sensual poses on Instagram. In 2014, she was named the most “in-demand” fitness model by a popular magazine.

Why Is Karina Elle Famous?
Elle is famous for her fit, curvy body and sensual yoga poses. She gained popularity by sharing her fitness journey, workout routines, and healthy lifestyle tips on platforms like Instagram and YouTube.

She is known for promoting fitness, wellness, and body positivity

Date Of Birth
November 2, 1991

Birth Place
Lake Mary, Florida, USA

Her parents hail from Vietnamese and French backgrounds, and she shares her family with an elder brother and a sister named Courtney.

Keeping fit is as much a hobby as it is a lifestyle and career for Karina Elle.

Who Is Karina Elle Dating?
Elle seems to be single presently.

Karina Elle Dating History
In 2018, Karina was in a relationship with renowned bodybuilder Calum Von Moger. During that time, they frequently shared images and enjoyable workout videos as a couple.

Karina Elle and Philippe Leblond started dating in 2019 after Leblond shared on his Instagram that he took Elle out on a date. In 2020, Elle posted again, saying that they had been a couple for a year, but there have been speculations that they are no longer today.

Karina Elle Social Media
Karina Elle is active on social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube. She is most active on Instagram, and you can find her on Instagram with the handle @karinaelle, where she shares fitness tips, workout routines, and glimpses of her healthy lifestyle

She is also popular for her pictures flaunting her fit, curvy body on the gram. for her mental health, she takes a hiatus from social media once in a while. For some time, she has not been posting on Instagram, but the reason for this is unknown.

Her last Instagram post was in March 2022.

While she has 11.6k followers on her YouTube channel, it has no videos yet.

About Karina Elle
During her high school years, Karina Elle balanced her roles as both a cheerleader and a cross-country runner.

At the age of 16, her modeling journey began when a photographer discovered her at a mall. This paved the way for her to enter the world of modeling, where she quickly gained prominence. Alongside modeling, she ventured into bikini competitions and consistently emerged as a victor.


Documenting her rigorous gym sessions on her Instagram, she showcased workouts that could humble even the most physically fit individuals.

Renowned for her mastery of plyometrics, hack squats, and deadlifts, Karina’s dedication culminated in her triumph at the ‘World Fitness Federation Pro Bikini Championship.’

Her influence extended beyond competitions, gracing the pages of esteemed magazines like ‘Racked,’ ‘Hers,’ ‘Self,’ and ‘Shape.’ Her impact wasn’t solely limited to endorsements from major brands such as ‘Gymshark’ and ‘Nike’; she also established her own merchandise line, ‘Gym Bae.’

Predictably, her popularity soared, securing her position as one of the most sought-after fitness models and instructors on Instagram.

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