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Meet Jasmine The New IG Sensation

Jasmine Chiquito is a fitness model and training and dieting instructor from the United States. Her Instagram is jasminechiquito.

Why Is Jasmine Chiquito Famous?
Jasmine has gained recognition as a fitness model, weightlifter, and instructor, particularly renowned for her motivational Big Booty workout routines.

She has won a huge following on social media thanks to her inspiring content and eye-catching looks.

Date Of Birth
10 August 1994

Birth Place
Los Angeles, California, US

Her dedication to fitness is evident in her authorship of e-books like Got Booty? and Plump and Perky.

In her workout routines, Jasmine heavily incorporates isolation exercises, allowing her to focus on specific muscles and maintain full control over her training.

Jasmine commits herself to the kitchen as well, preparing wholesome meals that include a variety of fruits, brown rice, sweet potatoes, protein-rich beans, and beneficial coconut oil, among other choices.

Who Is Jasmine Chiquito Dating?
She is in a romantic relationship with coach, trainer, and fitness model Lunden Butler

Jasmine Chiquito Social Media
Her first post dates back to 2011.

Jasmine shares content related to her fitness journey, exercise routines, and inspiration for her followers. She regularly shows off her fit and curvy figure in body-hugging outfits or sultry swimwear.

Apart from Instagram, you can find her on YouTube where she shares travel vlogs and other fun videos.

She hosts the live podcast “Fresa Show” every Sunday at 7 p.m.

About Jasmine Chiquito
Jasmine set out on her fitness path in March 2014 when she delved into weightlifting. Unhappy with her 115-pound frame, she decided to incorporate weight training to gain lean muscle.

Since then, she’s established an impressive online presence, utilizing social media to share her workout and dietary guidance. Her platform assists her followers in realizing their fitness potential.

She describes herself as a Body and Soul Coach and she wishes to help her followers “Elevating to our highest self”.

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