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Meet Syd- Only Perfection

Syd Wilder is an actress, model and social media influencer with many fans throughout the world. Let’s have a look at what she is all about.

Why Is Syd Wilder Famous?
Syd is famous for her role in This Is The End and Piranhaconda. She is also famous for her appearance in several YouTube videos.

Date Of Birth
26 September, 1991

Birth Place
Atlanta, Georgia

She has a sister called Spencer Scott, who is an adult entertainer.

Her hobbies include dancing, traveling and creating social media content.

Syd Wilder Social Media
On Instagram, she posts about her life as a model and comedy star. She also has a YouTube channel where she loves to post funny sketches and vlogs.

About Syd Wilder
Syd attended several training on acting in order to advance her career. She has also had training in sketch writing, improv, and singing.

Her sketchers have been featured on several sites like College Humor, Sports Illustrated and Huffington Post.

Syd began acting at the age of 12. From a young age, she has also pursued singing, modeling, and competitive cheerleading.

When she was just 14, she was offered a record deal, which she turned down.

She is also a gorgeous model who was described by Playboy as one of the Hottest YouTubers in 2015.

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