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Katie Sets Internet On Fire

Katie McNeil is an American-based music executive and producer. Her Instagram is katiekearney.

Why Is Katie MacNeil Famous?
She is known for her passion for producing long-form videos. She is also popular for managing talents within the entertainment industry.

Date of Birth

Smithtown, New York

Katie McNeil has not shared many details about her family, upbringing, siblings, and childhood experiences. As a result, limited public information is available on these aspects of her life.

Katie McNeil Diamond has a deep passion for wildlife photography. Her love for capturing the beauty of nature is evident in her collection of critter cams installed in her backyard, which have consistently recorded visits from various wild animals.

Who is Katie Dating?
In April 2012, Katie tied the knot with the internationally renowned singer and songwriter Niel Diamond. Their wedding ceremony took place at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles, marking the beginning of their marital journey.

Katie MacNeil Dating History
There is no public information regarding any previous relationship she’s been in except with her husband.

Katie MacNeil Social Media
Katie is known on Instagram with the handle @katiekearney.

The page has over 400k followers with over 550 posts. There are, however, many other pages in her name, but they are only operated by fans.

About Katie MacNeil
Katie began her career in the entertainment industry as the co-producer of the 1998 TV movie “Tonight at the House of Blues.” in the entertainment industry as the co-producer of the 1998 TV movie “Tonight at the House of Blues.”

However, her path took a turn when she crossed paths with Neil Diamond. She transitioned from being a music producer to becoming Neil Diamond’s manager, a role she currently holds.


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