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Brandy Looks Like A Million Bucks

Brandy Gordon is a model and influencer from the United States. Her Instagram is brandygontherocks.

Why is Brandy Gordon Famous?
Brandy rose to fame through her work with Next Miami and MGM Models.

Her captivating beauty and enchanting personality have earned her a place in the spotlight, amassing a substantial following on social media.

Date Of Birth
16 February 1998

Birth Place
United States

She has mentioned her mother on her Instagram, in a tribute post. There is not much known about her family.

Brandy likes to go skiing and has ventured to Aspen, Colorado to indulge in this activity.

She maintains a regular exercise routine, frequently hits the gym, and cherishes moments spent with her cats.

Who Is Brandy Gordon Dating?
She has not shared any information about her dating life.

Brandy Gordon Social Media
Her first post dates back to 2013. Her Instagram photos get up to 140k likes, around 20k on average.

Brandy shares gorgeous photos and short video clips while posing in swimwear and fashionable clothes. People admire her flawless appearance in each shot.

Apart from Instagram, Brandy maintains a YouTube channel where she shares informative workout videos, offering fans a glimpse into her life, including workout routines, vlogs, and modeling tips.

To enjoy her exclusive content, she is active on OF.

About Brandy Gordon
As a child, she developed a passion for photography and posing, which eventually led her to her modeling career.

Currently, the beautiful model resides in Los Angeles.


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