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Hannah Is True Treasure

Hannah Goldy, born Hannah Eliza Goldschmidt, is a fitness enthusiast and American mixed martial artist who competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship Flyweight division.

She is also popular known as “24K Goldy.”

Why Is Hannah Goldy Famous?
Hannah Goldy is famous for her fighting bouts which have twice as many wins as losses. Her social media following rose dramatically after her tough TKO defeat against Molly McCann at UFC London in 2022.

She is also popular for posting pictures of her fit body and ample curves on the gram.

Date Of Birth
May 18, 1992

Birth Place
Vermont, United States

She shares little about her family except that in 2014, she went to a boxing event called “Friday Night Fights,” held in an old church, with her father. That was how she fell in love with martial arts. The very next day, she went to the gym.

She has a son named Odin and never fails to talk about him and shares pictures of their activities together. He was born in 2017.

She loves playing dress up, spending time with her family and friends, taking steamy photos, and playing games with her son.

Who Is Hannah Goldy Dating?
Presently, Hannah Goldy is not dating anyone.

Hannah Goldy Dating History
She was in a relationship with Alex Nicholson, a fellow mixed martial artist with whom she had her son Odin.

He proposed to her in 2016, just before his UFC debut in Las Vegas. She said yes. There is no record of them getting married or any indication that they are still together.

Hannah Goldy Social Media
Hannah ’24K’ Goldy has over 180k followers on Instagram, where she shares clips of herself at the gym or professionally fighting.

She shares bits of her personal life on the platform, leaving her fans thirsty for more with steamy bikini photos.

About Hannah Goldy
The mom of one began her journey in combat sports as a kickboxer before transitioning to MMA. While she might not have started early like many other athletes, her determination and consistency are paying off.

With a record of impressive victories and a fierce fighting style, she has gained recognition in the world of professional fighting.

Goldy’s magnetic personality and engaging social media presence have also contributed to her growing fan base, making her a notable figure both inside and outside the octagon.

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