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Bethany Is A Pure Beauty

Bethany Mota is a Youtuber, social media star, influencer, and singer from the United States. Her Instagram is bethanynoelm.

Why is Bethany Mota Famous?
Bethany is a popular YouTube star who has gained worldwide recognition for her vibrant outfit ideas, beauty tips, and recipe tutorials. She has become a style icon and beauty guru.

Her content primarily targets teenagers, and her articles have been featured in the renowned magazine “Teen Vogue.”

Bethany showcased her dancing skills as a contestant on Season 19 of the hit show “Dancing With The Stars.”

Date Of Birth
7 November 1995

Birth Place
California, US

Bethany is the second child of Tony and Tammy Mota. She has an older sister named Brittany.

Growing up, Bethany had the privilege of being surrounded by a large extended family, including cousins, uncles, and aunts.

She has a passion for fashion and has partnered with brands like Forever 21 and JCPenny to create her own clothing line available at Aeropostale.

She loves to sing and is a talented musician. In 2014, she released the popular single “Need You Right Now” in collaboration with Canadian musician Mike Tompkins.

Who Is Bethany Mota Dating?
Bethany is in a long-term relationship with Dominic Sandoval, an Emmy Award-winning choreographer and YouTuber known as Dtrix.

Although they had a brief breakup, they are now back together. The couple often collaborates and features in each other’s YouTube videos.

Bethany Mota Social Media
Her first post dates back to 2011. Her Instagram photos get up to 500k likes, around 200k on average.

Bethany captivates her audience with beautiful portraits and modeling photos. Her effortless and casual style shows her natural beauty.

Apart from Youtube and Instagram, you can find her on Twitter.

About Bethany Mota
Bethany faced bullying during her school days, which led to anxiety and stress. To escape from her troubles, she found solace in the online world, particularly the beauty community on YouTube.

She has been described as “relentlessly upbeat and bouncy” and “a virtuoso of positivity”. She is seen by many as a good example of beauty with brains thank to her various talents.

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