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Hotness is Off The Charts With Petra

Petra Johansson, or Anna Petra Sofia Johansson in full, is a model athlete, and social media star with fans throughout the world. Here are things you probably didn’t know about her.

Why Is Petra Johansson Famous?
Petra is famous for her career as a footballer. She has played for the Swedish club, Linköping FC, as well as the Australian soccer team, Melbourne Victory.

Date Of Birth
30 September 1988

Birth Place
Borlange, Sweden

She has a daughter named Norah.

Traveling and modeling. She is also a pet lover.

Who Is Petra Johansson Dating?
Back in 2022, she posted a picture of herself and a guy holding her flirtatiously saying she was the luckiest girl in the world.

Petra Johansson Social Media
Petra is very active on social media. In addition to posting on Instagram, she is also active on Twitter and Twitch.

About Petra Johansson
She made her debut as a soccer player in 2009 when Sweden played a friendly against Norway.

Her decision to retire from the sport when she was just 27 years old came as a shock to many. She explained that she wanted to focus on her life as a civilian.

As a social media influencer, she promotes various brands through her social media accounts.

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