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Meet Veronika – Only Perfection

Veronika Khomyn McVay, born as Veronika Nikolaevn, is a model, fashion designer, and real estate investor with a strong presence on social media. Let’s learn more about her life and career.

Why Is Veronika Khomyn McVay Famous?
She is famous for dating Sean McVay, the Los Angeles Rams coach. Veronika has since grown her popularity through her gorgeous social media posts.

Date Of Birth
1 March 1990

Birth Place

Her hobbies include traveling, sharing content on social media, and spending time with her pet dogs. She has a separate social media page for her dog.

Who Is Veronika Khomyn McVay Dating?
Veronika has been dating Sean since 2013, and they got engaged in 2019 in France. They can often be seen hanging out in bars and clubs.

They live together in Sean’s six-bedroom mansion in California. In mid-2022, they got married and officially became wife and husband.

Veronika Khomyn McVay Dating History
She has been dating Sean for more than a decade. They met while she was in college.

Veronika Khomyn McVay Social Media
On Instagram, Veronika likes sharing photos of herself in beautiful outfits. She also treats her fans to content about her lifestyle, trips, and events she attends.

About Veronika Khomyn McVay
Since she was young, Veronika had a taste for fashion and modeling. This motivated her to pursue a career in fashion design.

She is also passionate about fitness.

Veronika studied at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia after completing her high school studies in Kyiv when she was 18.

She began modeling soon after completing her high school studies, and before long, she decided to move to the US to pursue fashion design.

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