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Sitora Is Here To Take You To Paradise

Sitora Israilova is a model, ring girl, and pro wrestler originally from Australia. Her Instagram is danni_ellexo.

Why is Harley Cameron famous?
Harley’s career trajectory has been nothing short of remarkable. Starting from modeling and singing, she climbed the ladder to become a ring girl for the BKFC and has now transformed into a wrestling star.

Her captivating journey has been the talk of social media, as fans and followers are fascinated by the series of coincidences that have shaped her career.

Her birth name is Danielle Vidot.

Her passion for singing shines brightly as she collaborates with WWE stars Shotzi & Scarlett Bordeaux to release a rendition of the song “I Put A Spell On You.”

Who Is Harley Cameron Dating?
Daniel Vidot, known as Xyon Quinn in NXT, is Cameron’s husband. He is a professional wrestler and former professional rugby league footballer.

Harley Cameron Social Media
She began posting to Instagram in 2013.

Her Instagram photos get up to 10k likes, around 5k on average.

Harley engages her audience by sharing diverse content related to her wide range of interests and projects, which include her wrestling and music career.

With a voice that exudes diva-like qualities, she captivates her fans by showcasing her musical talents on her YouTube channel.

About Harley Cameron
Prior to her rise to fame, Harley was employed in an office at a finance firm.

It was there that her boss, upon hearing her sing, encouraged her to pursue her dreams as a singer. Inspired by this support, she and her husband relocated to the United States.

Settling in Orlando, she initially became a ring girl. However, observing her husband’s success in the WWE, Cameron realized she desired a similar path.

Her wrestling journey began with her debut at SHINE 74.

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