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Heat wave from the one and only Zara

Zara Zoffany, or Zara Zoffany Farida Sassoon-Munns in full, is a model, fitness instructor, influencer, and Instagram star who is popular for her glamorous social life. Here is a closer look at what she is all about.

Why Is Zara Zoffany Famous?
Zara is famous for her friendship with Chloe Green, the Topshop heiress. She is also popular for her 2018 appearance in the MTV reality show, The Royal World.

Date Of Birth

Birth Place

Zara’s parents are hoteliers, and she has relatives in parliament.

Her biggest hobby is traveling, and so far, she has been to Milan, Ibiza, Saudi Arabia, Istanbul, and many other places around the world. The Instagram star also loves swimming.

She is also passionate about health and fitness and can often be seen doing high-intensity workouts.

Who Is Zara Zoffany Dating?
Zara is currently dating AJ Pritchard, who was on the popular show, Strictly Come Dancing. They got together after Pritchard broke up with his long-term partner, Abbie Quinnen following cheating allegations.

Zara Zoffany Dating History
Zara is currently seeing AJ Pritchard, and she is widely blamed by his ex-girlfriend’s fans for breaking them up. This is because AJ broke up with Abbie after she found him texting a girl, who many suspect to be Zara.

Zara Zoffany Social Media
On social media, Zara loves to show off her glamorous life, which she describes as “Zara in Wonderland.”

In addition to her regular account, she has a dedicated page, “Move with Zara,” which shows off photos of her toned body.

About Zara Zoffany
In school, she studied fashion design at the Instituto Marangoni.

She is expected to appear on the series, The Challenge, for Channel 5. Zara also dabbles in fashion and she owns her own fitness clothing line.

Zara also co-owns a club.

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