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You Gotta Love Celia

Celia Lora is a Mexican model, social media influencer, actress, content creator, and Instagram celebrity. The Playboy model is popular in Mexico’s social circles.

Why Is Celia Lora Famous?
Celia Lora is a popular Playboy model also famous for being on reality TV shows like La Casa De Los Famosos.

As the daughter of the Mexican musician and composer Alex Lora and actress Chela Lora, it’s no wonder she veered in the entertainment direction.

Date Of Birth
December 25, 1983

Birth Place

She is the only child born to entertainers Alex and Chela Lora. She seems to maintain a good relationship with both of them and pops up at her dad’s shows sometimes.

Recently, she was with her dad at Faisy Nights, which according to Apple TV, is “an irreverent variety show hosted by Faisy.”

Traveling and taking pictures are Celia’s hobbies.

She also loves socializing and visiting landmark locations, musuems, and Disneyland.

Who Is Celia Lora Dating?
She is not dating anyone at present.

Celia Lora Dating History
She reportedly admitted to dating a woman and rumors suggested that it was Lizbeth RodrĂ­guez.

When she was invited to the Montse & Joeto show and was asked about previous relationships, she admitted to having been in three relationships, one of which was with a married man.

It was at this show that she hinted at a previous relationship with a woman.

Celia Lora Social Media
Celia is a social butterfly. She is active on Instagram with over 10 million followers and calls her followers Novixs.

On Facebook, she has over 990k followers, and over 187k subscribers on YouTube, although she last uploaded a video about a year ago, and has over 810k followers on Twitter.

With about 1.8 million followers on TikTok, and many other followers on Bigo Live, a gaming platform, and on Playboy and OnlyFans, social media is her forte.

About Celia Lora
Celia has the support of her parents and lives unashamedly. She’s proud of her accomplishments and has no intention of stopping soon.

She models, features on different TV shows, influences various Mexican brands and makes sure to have fun in the process.

She doesn’t limit herself to a particular niche and can be seen influencing restaurants, wineries, lingerie brands, and so on.

She also owns her own online fashion store called the Latinx Shop, where she sells customized t-shirts for males and females. Most carry a picture of her or her silhouette.

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