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Stella Has Arrived On Time

Stella Teodora Hudgens is an actress and a model with a lot of followers on Instagram. Here are things you probably didn’t know about her.

Why Is Stella Hudgens Famous?
Stella is famous for her work as an actress after making several appearances in television and music videos. She has also been in web series and feature films.

Her social media career has also made her a huge sensation throughout the world. Fans are especially fond of seeing her in cute bikinis.

Date Of Birth
13 November 1995

Birth Place
Ocean Beach, California, United States

She is the younger sister of Vanessa Hudgens, a popular singer. Her mother, on the other hand, is Filipino.

Her father is known as Greg Hudgens while her mother is known as Gina Guangco. Stella’s father was a firefighter, and he had Irish and Native American roots. He passed away in 2016 after suffering from cancer.

She loves traveling, modeling, and having fun with friends and loved ones.

Who Is Stella Hudgens Dating?
At the moment, she is engaged to Eric Unger, a Twitch streamer. Before the two met, she was dating Beau Brooks, a comedian.

Stella Hudgens Dating History
Stella Hudgens has been in several relationships. She was once involved with Braison Cyrus, Miley Cyrus’ brother.

She also dated Zac Efron’s brother, Dylan Efron. There were also rumors about her dating Jaden Smith before the relationship came to an end in 2012.

Stella Hudgens Social Media
Stella is active on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook among other platforms. On Instagram, where she boasts of over 1 million followers, she shares content about her modeling, her personal life, and her career as a bikini model.

She is also on OnlyFans, where her fans can access more explicit content from her. Her Twitter account has thousands of followers.

About Stella Hudgens
Stella started off as a child actress. Her acting career began when she was just seven years old.

She completed her high school studies and went to college.

Today, she is also incredibly active on social media, where she regularly posts pictures of her social life and her career as a model.

Due to her interest in acting, she has also taken part in acting classes. She has a critically acclaimed role in the film The Memory Thief.

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