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Ellie Sets Internet On Fire

Ellie Bourassa (Elisabeth Bourassa) is a social media star, model, and influencer who has distinguished herself with her athletic body on various social media platforms.

Why Is Ellie Bourassa Famous?
Ellie is famous as an NPC Bikini athlete. She is also popular as one of the Tactical Girls back in 2022.

Ellie was raised in Canada but moved to Texas, United States when she was 21 years old with the desire to become a horse trainer.

Ellie loves modeling and horses. She is also passionate about traveling and working out.

Ellie Bourassa Social Media
On social media, Ellie mainly focuses on sharing gorgeous pictures of herself that show off her great physique and model looks. She also loves sharing inspiring messages with her fans urging them to work harder for what they want out of life.

Her Facebook account has thousands of followers, and her Instagram account has thousands of followers. Ellie’s posts get about 1k likes each.

About Ellie Bourassa
Since she started modeling, Ellie has been in various modeling competitions. She has worked with various fashion brands over the years.

In addition to modeling, Ellie is also very enterprising. She sells calendars, playing cards, and other merchandise to make money.

In addition to posting modeling content on her social media pages, she also loves to share inspirational messages with her followers, advising them to focus on the positive side of life.

She is very passionate about health and fitness, and she often talks about the effort she makes to attain her well-toned physique.

Ellie loves to describe herself as a farm girl, having been born on a farm in Canada. She still enjoys being on the farm. She loves animals, which began when she was just a five-year-old girl.

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