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Della Is True Treasure

Mayara Della Vega is an Instagram star who is famous for the exciting content she loves to share with her followers on social media. Here are more things you probably know about her.

Why Is Mayara Della Vega Famous?
Mayara is famous for the beautiful and bold modeling pictures she posts on her Instagram account. Since joining the platform in 2017, she has amassed about a million fans.

Date Of Birth
13 September 1989

Birth Place

Tattoos And Piercings
Mayara has a couple of tattoos on her boy, including on her arm.

Mayara loves traveling, modeling, and creating content.

Mayara Della Vega Dating History
Mayara has been very secretive about her love life.

Mayara Della Vega Social Media
On social media, Mayara loves to post selfies and photos that show off her unique fashion sense. She also likes to show off her athleticism and her toned figure.

She joined Instagram back in 2017. Her posts get around 8k likes on average.

About Mayara Della Vega
After completing her high school studies, Mayara attended college. She is also passionate about fitness, and she began working out back in 2013.

Since joining Instagram, she has worked with various brands such as Chocolate Doce. The endorsements and promotions have helped her lead a luxurious and glamorous lifestyle.

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