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Meet The Incredibly Gorgeous Olivia

Olivia Mathers is a well-known model on Instagram. Model Olivia Mathers earned recognition after uploading her curvaceous pictures on Instagram. Continue reading to learn more about her.

Why Is Olivia Mathers Famous?
Olivia Mathers is an Instagram star and model who is sponsored by Australian Swimwear. She is well-known for her modeling gigs with famous clothing brands and her stunning beauty and body.

Date Of Birth
She was born on the 28th of December, 1996.

Birth Place
She was born in Gold Coast Queensland, Australia.

Not much is known about Olivia’s family but she has a younger sister who is also a model. Her name is Isabelle Mathers. She also has a brother whose name is Eli Mathers.

Reading, working out, and cooking.

Who Is Olivia Mathers Dating?
Olivia Mathers is engaged to musician Jake Carmody, and the two have been dating for a while.

Olivia Mathers’s Dating History
Her dating history is unknown.

Olivia Mathers’s Social Media
Olivia has 685,000 followers on Instagram. She follows 732 people majority of which are models.

About Olivia Mathers
Olivia Mathers is a social media influencer and model from Australia. She went to Aquinas Catholic College and Aquinas College, Gold Coast.

Olivia Mathers has always been self-conscious about her birthmark, which has in some way kept her from pursuing her dreams. She has overcome her fears, nevertheless, with time and with the continuous support of her loved ones.

Numerous underwear, sports, swimwear, and skincare companies including Luv Aj, Beginning Boutique, JSHealth Vitamins, Restated Vintage, and others have chosen Olivia Mathers as the face of their products due to her growing recognition as a model and Instagram celebrity.

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