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Amanda Has Arrived On Time

Amanda Holden revealed in a playful manner that she considers herself to be “essentially a nudist.”

The 51-year-old judge of the popular show Britain’s Got Talent, Amanda Holden, posted a video from her upcoming BBC One program on her Instagram account, which she co-hosts with her friend Alan Carr.

In the video shared, Amanda Holden, a mother of two, confesses that she considers herself “basically a nudist” and mentions that she encountered many naked men during her time in Corfu.

The video comes from Amanda Holden and Alan Carr’s program “The Italian Job”, which airs on Friday, January 13th.

Amanda agreed saying: “I am actually. I saw so many willies in Corfu,'” much to comedian Alan’s delight, with him quipping: “Ohhh, I might go there.”

“The Italian Job” is a program that showcases Amanda Holden and Alan Carr’s passion for interior design as they undertake the renovation of a property from scratch, tackling tasks such as plumbing, painting and plastering.

Amanda Holden, a presenter for Heart Radio, discovered two apartments in the historic town of Salemi, located approximately an hour from Palermo in Sicily. She purchased them for the low price of €2 with the intention of merging them into one.

This revelation follows Amanda’s previous admission that she used her charm to avoid getting arrested while filming the program with Alan Carr.

During her morning show on Heart FM, Amanda invited Alan as a guest and revealed how she used her flirtatious behavior to prevent getting arrested, which happened while filming their show together.

While filming their program, Amanda and Alan had an unfortunate encounter with law enforcement and were pulled over by the police, leaving Amanda’s co-host Jamie Theakston, 52, speechless during the filming of the show.

Alan jokingly said: “No-one’s really talked about you getting arrested” as Jamie shrieked: “What?!”

Amanda playfully confessed: “Oh yeah, there’s a police incident, but you have to watch that” as Jamie struggled to believe what he was hearing.

The comic continued: “No, I’m saying we should mention it, they say ‘oh hold it back’ because it is so funny.”

Amanda added: “Well, yeah. It’s so funny, we were pulled over by the police” as Jamie screamed dumbfounded: “You didn’t tell me you’d been arrested?”

It was then that Amanda revealed: “They [the police] were pretty mean until we turned on the charm” Alan concurred: “Oh we turned on the charm! She turned into Mae West! ‘Hey that’s a lovely buckle on your trousers'”

The mother of two jokingly said: “I say, I love your belt buckle'” before the trio burst into laughter on the air.”


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