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Myriam Sets Internet On Fire

Myriam Lemay is an Instagram model and influencer from Canada. Her Instagram is myriamlemaay.

Why is Myriam Lemay famous?
Myriam is best known for her stunning features, shapely body, and attractive modeling photos on Instagram.

She promotes a variety of different brands in her posts.

Date Of Birth
10 June 1996

Birth Place
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

She is the mother of her son Prince-Thomas Ford. He often shows up in photos on her Instagram.

Myriam is passionate about beauty and has her own beauty brand called Beauté & Spa Myriam Lemay.

She enjoys traveling and experiencing new places.

According to her TikTok profile, she loves dancing and singing.

Myriam Lemay Social Media
Her Instagram photos get up to 20k likes, around 3k on average.

Myriam shares content related to fashion, beauty, family, and lifestyle. She has a great sense of fashion and always looks relaxed posing in front of the camera.

About Myriam Lemay
Myriam is a stunning natural beauty with perfect and flowing brown hair. Her followers love her sensual look and



She is living an active lifestyle and feels at home both waterskiing in the tropical sea and snowboarding on the snowy mountain slopes. To keep in shape, she visits the gym.

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