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Emma Is Here To Take You To Paradise

Emma Hix, who also goes by the name Crissy Kay and Emma Hicks, is a popular model and actor with a lot to offer her fans.

Why Is Emma Hix Famous?
Emma is famous as an adult actress, having worked with productions such as Sugar and Spice among others. She is also popular for appearing in Playboy and Penthouse magazines.

She is also on OnyFans, where her fans can get access to her exclusive content.

In an extreme cut-out swimwear, a model risked exposing her upper body while posing on a yacht.

The brunette beauty looked stunning as she showed off a black and animal print swimwear by Fashion Nova that came with cut-out sections.

Fans were left stunned as she casually posed on a yacht and displayed her incredibly toned body.

The photos were posted to the Nova Swim Instagram page with the caption: “Him: ‘What Are You Doing?’

“Me: ‘Oh, Just Yachting Around'”.

Viewers were treated to a series of images of the model flaunting her body in a two-piece suit as she reclined on a yacht.

The bottom part was also quite small and fastened at the sides by black ties.

With the animal print top set off by black and bold sections, the model chose a timeless, seductive design.

She wore a gold chain around her waist which also gave her a bit more sexiness.

People felt the decorative addition was quite saucy as it hung across her hips and skimmed her belly button.

The brunette donned a soft glam look with smoky eyes and light pink lipstick, and she looked beautiful and elegant.

While some pictures showed her lying in the sun, others showed her assuming control of the boat and taking the wheel.

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