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Karina Has Arrived On Time

Karina García is a model, TV host, and TikTok star from Colombia. Her Instagram is karinagarciaoficiall.

Why is Karina García famous?
Karina is well-known for her sultry dance videos on TikTok and gorgeous modeling content on Instagram.

She has won a huge following thanks to her incredible looks and jaw-dropping style.

Date Of Birth
29 December 1989

Birth Place
Medellin, Colombia

Her son Valentino was born in March 2020.

Karina loves being a mother as it has helped her realize what really matters in life. She no longer cares much about material things.

Karina loves to travel and has been to trendy holiday destinations like Dubai.

She is passionate about volunteer work and doing good for others less fortunate.

She loves spending time with her son who means everything to her.

Who Is Karina García Dating?
She has not shared any information about her dating life.

Karina García Social Media
Her first post dates back to 2015.

Her Instagram photos get up to 100k likes, around 50k on average.

Karina shares gorgeous modeling photos wearing swimwear and cute outfits. She has an amazing physique and a flawless style.

About Karina García
Karina is beautiful from the inside and out. Her long flowing hair, plump lips, and curvaceous figure make her look like a stunning goddess.

She feels blessed and lucky for everything she has achieved.

She works out at least two times per week with the help of a coach and eats a nutritious diet to stay in shape.


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