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Juanita is Breaking Down Any Barriers

Juanita Belle, also famous by her nickname WaWa or Juanita JCV, is a model and entrepreneur with a huge presence on social media.

Why Is Juanita Belle Famous?
Juanita got famous in 2022 after she was spotted with Tristan Thompson, a Canadian basketballer. They were leaving a party together, and rumors suggest they are an item.

Date Of Birth
31 December 1997

Birth Place
Los Angeles, California

Juanita’s parents are Cuban. She was raised in California.

Her hobbies include traveling and making content.

Who Is Juanita Belle Dating?
According to rumors, Juanita is currently engaged to Tristan Thompson. He was previously involved with Khloe Kardashian before they broke up when he cheated on her.

Juanita Belle Dating History
She is reportedly dating Tristan Thompson, but these rumors have not been confirmed.

Juanita Belle Social Media
Besides Instagram, Juanita is also active on TikTok. She also offers her x-rated photos on OnlyFans for a price, which makes her a lot of money.

About Juanita Belle
Since she was young, Juanita was passionate about modeling. She first tried to get into the industry while in high school, but she did not meet with much success back then.

Juanita graduated high school in 2015 and then went on to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts at the University of California.

She started to get famous as a model after she began making TikTok videos in 2020.

She is also a skilled swimmer and tennis player. Juanita helped launch the JCV Swim clothing brand.


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