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Paige is Breaking Down Any Barriers

Paige Woolen is a model and Instagram star from the United States. Her Instagram is paigeuncaged.

Why is Paige Woolen famous?
Paige is known for her gorgeous and daring swimwear photos.

She came into the spotlight when she decided to write direct messages to guys who already had girlfriends to see if they were cheaters.

She did this to help the girlfriends discover whether their men were serious.

Date Of Birth
19 January 1992

Birth Place
California, US

She is very close to her parents.

Who Is Paige Woolen Dating?
According to sources, she is single and focused on her career right now.

Paige Woolen Dating History
She has previously been married and has gone through a divorce.

Paige Woolen Social Media
Her first post dates back to 2017.

Her Instagram photos get up to 30k likes, around 25k on average.

Paige shares sensual and seductive modeling photos posing in skimpy and colorful swimwear. She often shocked her followers as she leaves very little to the imagination.

About Paige Woolen
Paige has a degree in economics from the University of Pacific Palisades in California.

She started @dudesinthedm in April 2020 during quarantine. She was inspired by the nasty DMs she received from guys and realized there must be many more in her situation receiving hate without having anywhere to turn for support.

She later developed the “catching cheaters” part where she exposed cheating men to their partners.

Unfortunately, helping the girlfriends out of their unserious relationships led to hate being directed toward Paige and she recently had to move to a new home because of stalkers.


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