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Lottie Will Make Your Day

Lottie Moss was exposed to porn at a very young age and is now revealing how damaging it was for her.

The 24-year-old model uses the platform OnlyFans where she feels empowered by sharing nude photos with her subscribers.

She was only 11 years old when she came in contact with pornographic content for the first time and it had a negative impact on her.

Lottie, who is the half-sister of famous British model Kate Moss, used her iPod Touch to access the child-restricted content.

“I was so young, and I had an iPod touch, and I used to watch porn on it,” she confessed during an interview on the Private Parts podcast.

“I used to type in “girls kissing girls” that was my first ever one,” she continued.

“I was probably like 11. I was young.”

She felt pressured to look at the explicit videos because the boys at her school did so.

“I discovered masturbating quite young, and I think finding pornography so young was quite toxic,” she shared.

“Men grow up watching porn, but it’s not how is.”

“I know pornstars now, and I do OnlyFans. Speaking to them, they say it’s all fake, the entire thing is staged. Sorry to break everyone’s hearts,” she then revealed.

“I had very early on. I just had a lot when I was 15, or 16. And now I’m just like, ‘I can’t be bothered.'”

In June last year, Lottie decided to start an OnlyFans account and she quickly found that it was good for her self-esteem.

She talked about the adult platform on the Call Her Daddy podcast, saying:

“I chose to do OnlyFans because I wanted to empower myself. I love taking nude pictures.”

She expressed that she loves photoshoots and feels they give her enjoyment.

“Sometimes we used to do these things at the house that I was staying at with my friend. We used to bring the girls over. We’d get some drinks going, smoke a little bit, and just have fun.”

“We’d just take our clothes off and wear cute underwear,” she continued.

“We once got a Bentley to come to the house, and we were all just lying on the Bentley taking pictures. It was so cool.”

She told that a former friend, who she now refers to as an “evil human being” shared her content and phone number to hurt her.

That is how she found out what had happened.

Luckily, Lottie seems to be doing great on the platform now and she is known to have made £66,000 (approximately $75,000) by October 2022.

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