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Briana Is A Pack Full Of Goodies

Briana is an Instagram model and influencer from the United States. Her Instagram is briinic.

Why is Briana famous?
Briana is a known fitness model who has participated as an NPC athlete.

She is very popular on social media and has won a huge following thanks to her inspiring and daring modeling photos.

Date Of Birth
12 January 1997

Birth Place
United States

She loves to create art and participate in photo shoots.

Who Is Briana Dating?
According to sources, she might currently be single.

Briana Social Media
Her first post dates back to August 2021.

Her Instagram photos get up to 120k likes, around 85k on average.

Briana does not shy away from shoving off her fit and glamorous body. You can often see her posing in lacy lingerie and barely covering swimwear.

Apart from Instagram, the blonde beauty is active on Twitter, Youtube, and OF.

About Briana
Briana has previously studied at the University of California-Davis and has a Bachelor’s degree in Neurobiology. She began her modeling career at age 19.

She has her own Model Talent Agency called BRINIC Co.

The beautiful model knows exactly what her fans want and she keeps her followers hooked by sharing photos of striking sensual poses in jaw-dropping outfits.

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