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Gather Around for The Beauty of Samantha

Samantha Skolkin is a fitness model and trainer from the United States. Her Instagram is xxsamanthafit.

Why is Samantha Skolkin famous?
Samantha is known for being a fitness enthusiast and an inspiring model. She has been voted NYC’s hottest personal trainer in 2015.

She has been competing as a professional bodybuilder and participated in many events.

Date Of Birth
10 February 1990

Birth Place
Brooklyn, New York, US

She has shared a photo with her sister on Instagram.

She is passionate about bodybuilding and fitness. She has her own app with workout programs.

Who Is Samantha Skolkin Dating?
She has not shared any information about her dating life.

Samantha Skolkin Social Media
Her first post dates back to 2014.

Her Instagram photos get up to 20k likes, around 10k on average.

Through Instagram, you get to follow the beautiful model in her everyday life. Her photos are a mix of gorgeous modeling pictures and content related to fitness and workout plans.

To enjoy her exclusive content, you can find her on OF.

About Samantha Skolkin
Samantha grew up in a family interested in sports and bodybuilding. After finishing her schooling, she decided to focus on fitness and becoming an IFBB Pro athlete.

She later studied to get a certificate as a personal trainer since she felt passionate about motivating others.


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