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Enjoying Mother Nature With Haley

Haley Cureton is a famous Instagram model, and many people can recognize her from the first season of Netflix’s popular show, Too Hot To Handle.

Why Is Haley Cureton Famous?
Haley has a well-known social media personality. Her participation in Too Hot To Handle opened new opportunities for her for sure. She is now collaborating with trending brands, such as Fashion Nova.

Date Of Birth
June 7, 1993

Birth Place
Jacksonville Beach, Florida, United States

Haley is an only child. All we know about her family is that her parents are Joseph and Natasha Cureton.

Haley loves the beach. Summer breeze, sand on the skin, and that salty taste of the sea. She loves spending her free time on the beach.

Since the shooting of Too Hot To Handle happened mostly on the beach, she was happy that she could enjoy the sun on the sets of this famous show.

Who Is Haley Cureton Dating?
Haley hasn’t shared something more about her relationship status. We could only guess whether she is single or not, but one thing is for sure: Haley is still not married.

Haley Cureton Dating History
Sadly, we know nothing about Haley’s dating history. At least for now.

Haley Cureton Social Media
Instagram is Haley’s favorite social media. It helped her build connections with many fashion brands, and now she is a proud ambassador of Fashion Nova.

Her followers love her personality and her open heart.

About Haley Cureton
In 2021, Haley graduated from college. She now has a Major in Geography from the University of North Florida.

Before she took part in the first season of Too Hot To Handle, she was also working as a model. Advertising smaller clothing brands was something that fulfilled her.

Haley loves dogs. As an animal rights activist, she always encourages people to open their hearts and homes and adopt a dog.


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