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Enjoying Mother Nature With Alena

Alena Alexandria Savostikova is a well-known model, actress, and former tennis player with many Instagram followers. Keep reading to learn interesting facts about her.

Why Is Alena Savostikova Famous?
Savostikova is famous for her role as a mermaid for Shark Week. She has also been in the movie industry since childhood and has starred in many high-profile movies, television series, plays, and videos.

Savostikova is also well-known for her role as Daw in The Mummy Resurrected, which came out in 2014.

Date Of Birth
7 January 1991

Birth Place
Kaliningrad, Russia

It is rumored that her family moved to the US so that Alena could further her tennis career.

Savostikova enjoys wakeboarding, paddle boarding, kickboxing, and snowboarding.

Alena Savostikova Social Media
Savostikova has a massive following on Facebook and Instagram. She also has a presence on Twitter, TikTok, and Behance.

About Alena Savostikova
Although Savostikova was born in Russia, she has explored the world. She grew up traveling to play tennis tournaments all over the world.

Eventually, she reportedly had to give up on tennis because of the demands of the sport and her involvement in other industries.

Savostikova has been in several high-profile music videos and has been featured in several campaigns for brands and companies like Samsung, FILA, Bench Body, Adidas, PuraVida, and Fuji Film


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