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Alena Will Make Your Day

Alena Kryukova is one stunning girl. This marvelous beauty is one of the most famous Russian Instagram models these days.

Why Is Alena Kryukova Famous?
Alena is a famous fashion model and social media influencer. She is also known as the finalist in the 2013 Miss Russian competition.

Date Of Birth
September 28, 1993

Birth Place
Altay, Russia

Alena is capable of sharing anything about herself except revealing something that includes her family. Some people like to have their privacy, and Alena is one of them.

This fabulous girl loves to curl up under a cozy blanket and drink her coffee in peace. Alena loves to meditate, and another interesting thing that she enjoys is preparing meditation courses for her followers.

Who Is Alena Kryukova Dating?
We don’t know whether Alena is dating someone at the moment or not.

Alena Kryukova Dating History
Alena is one of those girls who like to keep their relationship status and dating experience private. And who would judge her? Isn’t it true that some things last longer when we keep them for ourselves?

Alena Kryukova Social Media
Besides Instagram, Alena likes to post on TikTok. She has a wide audience there, but somehow Instagram remains her favorite social media platform.

She collaborates with many different fashion brands. Alena advertises clothing brands such as Incanto and Alani.

About Alena Kryukova
There are many things one would love to know about stunning Alena, for sure.

However, one of the most intriguing things is that she studied economics. Fashion was always her passion, so it was nothing strange when she decided to incorporate her marketing knowledge to promote herself as a fashion model.

She loves traveling, and her favorite destination is Spain.

Alena likes to play the piano, and her favorite colors are green and white.


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