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Meet The Incredibly Gorgeous Lilith

Lilith Cavaliere started as a TikToker only to become an Instagram sensation and social media influencer. Here’s what you should know about this young Australian-born beauty.

Why is Lilith Cavaliere Famous?
Lilith is well known for her viral TikToks. Despite having two accounts deleted, her audience managed to find her and enjoy her quite colorful videos.

Date Of Birth
December 28, 2000

Birth Place

Lilith considers herself to be Italian since her parents are from Italy. She was born in Australia.

Lilith has a brother and a sister.

Traveling and making videos are Lilith’s main hobbies, as well as part of her job as an influencer.

Who Is Lilith Cavaliere Dating?
Lilith’s TikTok bio says she is single.

Lilith Cavaliere Social Media
Lilith has a solid social media presence, both as an influencer and as a model. She is a Fashion Nova ambassador on Instagram.

She also uses Twitter, Youtube, and OF and has a website with her merch.

About Lilith Cavaliere
Lilith stands against bullying.

She regularly works out and spends time with her dog.


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