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Tatiana is Just… WoW

Tatiana Bernardi is a famous Italian Instagram model. She is a 28-year-old sweet and outgoing girl with 134K followers on this social media platform.

Date Of Birth
February 8, 1994

Birth Place

Why Is Tatiana Bernardi Famous?
Tatiana Bernardi is a famous Instagram model.


Who Is Tatiana Bernardi Dating?
We are not sure whether Tatiana is dating someone at the moment or not.

Tatiana Bernardi Dating History
By now, you probably got the image that Tatiana likes to keep the important things about her only for herself.

Regarding this, it seems impossible to know when or who Tatiana had dated through the years. Some things are better kept private.

Tatiana Bernardi Social Media
Tatiana mainly uses Instagram. She posts pictures of herself regularly, and although she is a secretive girl, Tatiana posts loads of Instagram stories so her followers can stay in touch with the events and the places she visits, and many more.

About Tatiana Bernardi
Pretty Tatiana has a natural and mystic beauty. This 28-year-old beauty wants to keep the details about herself private.

This talented model with an eye for fashion is just perfect by all means.

Although Tatiana doesn’t like to share many details about her family, she mentions in her Insta stories that she adores her aunt.

She and her aunt seem very close.

Tatiana loves traveling. She has visited popular exotic destinations like Maldives, Egypt, Dubai, and Thailand.

But what could beat the beauty of Italy? Tuscany, Sardinia, Venice, Naples, and Capri, are just a tiny part of the travel lover must-visits where Tatiana has already stepped her foot.

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