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Kick Back And Relax With Sarah

Talented fitness model Sarah Stage shows off her amazingly toned body while she inspires her followers to reach their own fitness goals.

You can often see the California-born beauty sporting feminine lingerie and striking sultry poses in her bedroom.

In one of her posts, she was lying on her bed with her pet dog.

Her lacy green lingerie set pushed up her perky breasts and made her look out of this world gorgeous.

Sarah puts a lot of effort into her looks and hits the gym regularly.

The only time she skips the exercise is while on vacation when she wants to focus on food, drinks, and spending quality time with her family.

The brunette bombshell is married to Kristopher Jason, and the couple has two sons.

It looks like such an idyllic family bliss. However, Sarah wishes to remind everyone that no family is perfect, including her own, and behind every curated Instagram post, the reality is often a mess.

Sarah describes herself as loving, tenacious, and thoughtful.

She had a happy childhood full of love and wishes to give her own boys the same.

The gorgeous model is of Costa Rican and European descent. She was born on 24 March 1984.

After high school, she began her modeling career as a runway model for Wilhelmina.

She later signed with Elite Model Management, and thanks to her charming personality, shapely body, and gorgeous looks, many brands wished to work with her.

She has kept her fit body through her two pregnancies and is a real inspiration for anyone wanting to maintain or improve their fitness.

Apart from sharing stunning modeling photos with fans on Instagram, the fitness goddess is active on both Twitter and Facebook.

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