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Sommer Strikes Back… And That’s Cool By Us

Sommer Ray, the famous Instagram model, stole all the attention on social media when she posted one of her latest photos.

The pretty girl took our breaths away when we saw what she was wearing.

For her latest fashion look, this 25-year-old Sommer from Colorado chose a see-through black bodysuit. With long sleeves and a high neck, this and unusual piece perfectly hugged Sommer’s curvy figure.

We all know that Instagram has solid and strict policies with outfits like this one. In such pictures, everything needs to be flawless, and everything needs to be in place.

This fashionable piece needed some finishing touches.

Sommer decided to spice things up. And what could be a better choice for leveling your outfit up than black underwear?

But Sommer didn’t play it safe, which is one reason why her fans adore her. Instead of keeping it plain and bland, she chose some statement pieces for her look. Sommer wore tiny black bottoms made of an opaque material, which had some details in silver. The ties on the sides of her waist added edgy notes to her look.

Moreover, she wore a matching strapless bikini top that followed the same design as the panties.

The edgy accessories were a top-notch choice for Sommer.

But that was not all. She also wore knee-high black boots and sunglasses that perfectly matched this quirky outfit.

Here you can see the photos she published. She also posed for her beloved Instagram followers, and they could see detailed shots of how her outfit looked from each side.

The only thing Sommer wrote in the caption of the picture was: “Don’t know what to caption these.”

And, of course, her fans shared their impressions and thoughts on this topic.


“One of my greatest posts. Should be the caption,” added one of her Instagram followers.

This was not the first time Sommer Ray tried to wear something that would not be the usual fashion choice of many people.

Recently, Sommer wore a short denim skirt with a dark blue corset top. The outfit was crowned with something that looked like an overshirt and had only long sleeves with a high neck.

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