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Anja Will Make Your Day

Anja Zeidler is a model and entrepreneur from Switzerland. Her Instagram is anjazeidler.

Keep reading to get to know more about this naturally stunning girl.

Date Of Birth
27 July 1993

Why Is Anja Zeidler Famous?
Anja is a fitness model recognized for being a Shredz and Body Engineers athlete. She is a digital entrepreneur well-known in Switzerland and Germany.

She is pretty popular on Instagram thanks to her inspiring and personal vlogs and gorgeous modeling photos.

Who Is Anja Zeidler Dating?
She is in a relationship with Milan Anicic. Like her, Milan is athletic, and you can often see them together in romantic posts on Instagram.

Anja Zeidler Dating History
She has been dating Milan for many years, and the couple got engaged in July 2022.

Anja Zeidler Social Media
Her Instagram photos get up to 10k likes, around 3k on average.

Anja shares content about her life journey and family and sizzling bikini photos. She is naturally beautiful in all of her pictures, and you can often see her with a bright smile on her face.

About Anja Zeidler
Anja started modeling at 14 and soon discovered her passion for fitness modeling. She has a background in the bodybuilding industry. However, today she lives a healthier lifestyle.

She is a gorgeous brunette with a slim and attractive figure. Her working life consists of traveling, modeling, TV hosting & presenting.

She advocates for veganism, a cruelty-free world, self-love, and self-acceptance. She has a strong love for everything living on our planet.

In April 2020, she welcomed a baby girl into the family.

She is very close to her mother, Bea Zeidler-von Werdt, who works as a photographer.

Anja is passionate about sustainability and co-founded the fashion brand Yemocean which uses recycled materials.

She is interested in wellness and holistic.

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