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Rough day? Let Courtnie cheer you up!

Courtnie Quinlan is an Instagram model and influencer from the United Kingdom. Her Instagram is courtnieq.

In this article, we have collected everything you need to know about this tanned beauty.

Date Of Birth
20 May 1991

Birth Place
Plymouth, England, United Kingdom

Why Is Courtnie Quinlan Famous?
Courtnie is known for her dazzling modeling photos and stunning appearance. Her daring bikini photos have won her many fans on Instagram.

Who Is Courtnie Quinlan Dating?
She is engaged. She has not mentioned her fiencés name, however, he has shown up in a romantic post on her Instagram.

Courtnie Quinlan Social Media
Her first post dates back to 2014.

Her Instagram photos get up to 3k likes, around 1.5k on average.

Courtnie used to put a lot of effort into her Instagram looks. However, her priorities have now changed, and she wishes to be more natural and spontaneous.

Even if she does not post actively, you can find a lot of her unique content already shared on social media.

Apart from Instagram, you can find her on Twitter, where she shares her thought and news about herself.

About Courtnie Quinlan
Courtnie is an Airbnb hostess and rents out housing in Plymouth. She considers her days as an active influencer behind her as she wants to focus on her daughter, family and friends, and everything that she loves.

She is a stunning girl with luscious curves and long flowing dark hair.

Cournie’s grandparents live in the Eastern Caribbean island nation of Saint Lucia. She is, therefore, half St Lucian and feels a solid connection to the country.

She is the proud mother of a daughter named Athena, born in 2017.

She is happiest in swimwear, enjoying the sun. She is a soccer and Premier Leagues fan.

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