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Juliana Will Make Your Day

Juliana Proven is a famous model who has won over many fans with her beautiful pictures on social media. Here is a look at her profile.

Birth Place
Pereira, Colombia

Why Is Juliana Proven Famous?
After becoming a Hometown Hottie Semifinalist on Maxim, Juliana became quite famous in the modeling industry. Juliana is also renowned for her stunning models on social media.

Who Is Juliana Proven Dating?
In an interview, Juliana claimed she found her “real love.” Charles and Juliana have been together for a few years and have two kids.

Juliana Proven Dating History
The Instagram model has been dating and sharing pictures of her husband on her Instagram account.

Juliana Proven Social Media
On Instagram, Juliana likes to post about her lifestyle, modeling, and family. Her posts get an average of about 2k likes each.

About Juliana Proven
Since she was young, Juliana had big dreams of living in the city and living it up. She studied at a private Catholic girls’ school, which was a great experience.

She has been in some popular magazines such as Esquire and Sports Illustrated.

On her Instagram account, she promotes various products, such as Generate Skin products.

She has both Colombian and American heritage. She has a partner and two kids.

Juliana’s hobbies include traveling, spending time with her family, and modeling. She is also passionate about sports, including football, hockey, and baseball.


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