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Kick Back And Relax With Jessica

Jessica Pimentel is a flight attendant, nutritionist, and Instagram model from the United States. Her Instagram is jessiegirl1990.

Birth Place
United States

Marital Status
In a relationship

Why Is Jessica Pimentel Famous?
Jessica is best known for her flight attendant vlogs on Youtube. She has also attracted many fans on Instagram thanks to her dazzling modeling photos and jet-set lifestyle.

Who Is Jessica Pimentel Dating?
She is in a relationship with her boyfriend, Fernando. He is also working in the airline industry.

Jessica Pimentel Social Media
Her first post dates back to 2012.

Her Instagram photos get up to 3k likes, around 500 on average.

Jessica shares short videos related to her lifestyle and dazzling modeling photos from popular travel destinations and beaches.

You can follow her exciting life and get tips about travels, food, and fitness at her Youtube channel Jetset With Jess.

About Jessica Pimentel
Jessica is a gorgeous girl with a genuine and upbeat personality. She loves her flight attendant job because it has many benefits and allows her to explore the world.

She is of Portuguese descent.

She loves coffee and especially the coffee from Dunkin’.

She is passionate about healthy food and cooking.


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