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Dani Knows How To Pose for The Camera

Dani Mathers, born Danielle Jenee Mathers, is a popular model and actress. Here are some things you should know about this attractive Instagram star.

Date Of Birth
5 January 1987

Birth Place
Tarzana, California, United States

Best Known For
Dani is famous for being a Playboy model. She got a lot of negative attention for the scandal that ruined her career and forced her to withdraw from public life.

She secretly took a picture of a 70-year-old naked woman at a gym and posted it on Snapchat with the caption, “If I can’t unsee this, then you can’t either.” After that, she was accused of body shaming, and her life was never the same again.

Dani Mathers Boyfriends/Girlfriends
Dani dated John Connor before the scandal.

Dani Mathers Instagram
On Instagram, Dani likes to show off her fun lifestyle, especially in the company of her friends and her lover.

About Dani Mathers
After her high school studies, Dani went to Saint Francis University.

Dani Mathers got into acting at a young age. She also got on social media many years ago, although she had to get off social media after the 2015 scandal.

In 2015, Dani enjoyed the rare honor of being Playboy’s Playmate of the Year. In January 2013, she was named Playboy’s Cyber Girl.

She was in the film Neighbors, which had Seth Rogen in a starring role.

Dani is very close to her family and hid at her mother’s house after getting death threats following the scandal.


Interesting Facts
On Facebook, she has over 1 million followers, while on Twitter, she has more than 67k followers.

She played the role of Danica on the CBS soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful in 2005.

She also got into several Playboy TV productions such as Camp Playboy, Playboy Trip: Patagonia, and Playboy’s Beach House.

In 2015, she got into radio and regularly appeared on the Heide & Frank Show.

Some of her roles include Gran Turismo, Fast Six, 20Fallen, American Soldiers, Void Moon, Fall and Flames, Kansas City, and The Bourne Betrayal.

Dani faced severe backlash after sharing a picture of a 70-year-old naked woman on Snapchat.

She tried to argue that she had sent the photo by accident, explaining that her goal was to send it to a single friend. That did not satisfy the public, and people felt that she had no remorse for what she had done.

Dani had to do 45 days of community service and undergo three-year probation. She also lost her role on The Bold and the Beautiful and lost her job at KLOS radio.

After the scandal, Dani also got death threats and had to hide in her mom’s house.

Her career as an actress ended after the scandal, and future job offers dried up. She started to make a comeback on social only recently after the end of her probation period.

Otherwise, since 2015, she had not had any film roles despite being at the top of her career when the scandal took place.

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