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Eriana Will Leave You Jaw Dropped

Eriana is a social media model, influencer, and fitness competitor with a strong fan base on Instagram. Here are some things you should know about her.

Why Is Eriana Famous?
Eriana is famous as a fitness competitor and a social media model. She has a growing fanbase on social media, where she inspires her fans to live healthier and achieve better versions of themselves.

She had a brother named Cole, but he passed away. She has kids.

Her hobbies include traveling and attending sporting events. She is especially fond of football, baseball, hockey, UFC, and basketball.

She also loves weightlifting and modeling and posting on Instagram, where she has made thousands of posts.


Eriana Dating History
Eriana has been in relationships in the past, and she has kids.

Eriana Social Media
Eriana is active on both Instagram and Facebook. On Instagram, she goes by the name Bikini.beast, and her posts get hundreds of likes each on average.

About Eriana
Eriana describes herself as a freelance model. She has worked with several brands and has had the honor of being an internationally published centerfold in high-profile magazines.

She has always been passionate about modeling.

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