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Kelsie is Just… WoW

Kelsie is a rising Instagram model, bodybuilder, and nail technician. She is not to be confused with the American actress known for her role in Riverdale who bears the same name.

Why Is Kelsie Famous?
Kelsie is famous for her curvy and fit body often in provocative dresses and hot bikinis. Her relationship with bodybuilder and gym instructor, Kirk O’Brien, earned her some more popularity in recent times.

She has shared pictures of her mom and grandmother. She lost her grandmother in July 2018.

She supposedly has a sibling named Steven who was lost to death even earlier than her grandma.

She enjoys getting creative with nail art, traveling, and spending time with her family and her dogs.

Who Is Kelsie Dating?
Kelsie is dating bodybuilder, online coach, and transformation specialist Kirk O’Brien. They got engaged in April 2023.

Kelsie Dating History
Previous relationships are unknown. Her relationship with Kirk became Instagram official in March 2021. They have since stuck together and she is excited about spending forever with the single dad, 12 times Men’s Physique champion, and owner of Aesthetics13 Gym.

He has a five-year-old son whom Kelsie loves very much.

Kelsie Social Media
Kelsie is a growing social media personality who is active on Instagram and TikTok. She has over 4k followers on her Instagram account currently and over 2k on TikTok.

She uses both platforms to promote herself as a model while sharing some parts of her personal life with fans.

Her physical salon is within the Aesthetic13 Gym space.

About Kelsie
Kelsie posts regularly on Instagram and TikTok, getting tens of likes and comments each time.

She is intent on promoting her business and shares parts of her travels with her followers, from Amsterdam to Ibiza, Budapest, and Dubai.

While her bodybuilding journey goes on and off track, she loves that Kirk often keeps her on track.

She loves Kirk’s son and they are planning to get married now that they are engaged.

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