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Take A Real Good Look At Antje

Antje Christiana Utgaard is a model and an actress who has made a mark with her glamorous career. Let’s have a look at her profile.

Date Of Birth
20 August 1994

Birth Place
Wisconsin, United States

Best Known For
Antje is famous for her movie roles. Her acting career has been quite successful, although her initial focus was modeling.

Who Is Antje Utgaard Dating?
It is not known who Antje is dating, but she had recently posted a message saying that she would get married soon and settle down in a new home.

Antje Utgaard Boyfriends/Girlfriends
Antje has been in a relationship before, but she has never revealed the boyfriend’s identity. She simply posted saying that she had the best boyfriend in the world.

Antje Utgaard Instagram
The first photo on Antje’s account, which she shared in October 2013, is a picture of her family members dressed up in Halloween costumes.

She posts pictures that show off her figure in cute bikinis, and her posts get an average of about 48k likes each.

About Antje Utgaard
When she was young, Antje loved dancing, and she still has a passion for dancing, even as an adult. Over time, she has won several dancing awards.

Antje also got training with Radio City Rockettes on Broadway for the summer. After that, she danced at the University of Minnesota briefly.

She finished high school in 2012 at New Richmond High School. Antje did not like her high school life very much, and in the year she graduated, she posted saying that she hoped high school would end soon because she was “sick of stupid drama” and “ready to meet new people.”

After high school, she furthered her studies at the University of Minnesota. She quit dancing at the institution to pursue her marketing and fashion merchandising studies.

She focused on her modeling as a profession while still studying at the University. Her career started with an opportunity to model for a famous local motor cross-brand from Wisconsin.

Her real modeling career began in 2015 after completing her college studies and moving to Los Angeles.

Some of the brands she has worked with include Bang Energy. She has appeared in several magazines and calendars.

Antje has a sister called Abrianna Utgaard, and she seems to have a solid relationship with her. Her family is very supportive of her.

She also has a brother, and when she was younger, the fact that he had a mental disability was a big struggle for her. Her mother is known as Stuart Utgaard, and her mother’s name is Kimberly Utgaard.

Interesting Facts
Antje has 507k followers on Facebook. She posts pictures about her modeling career and her lifestyle on the social media platform.

The model is also on OnlyFans, where she offers her fans exclusive access to more revealing modeling content.

She also has her clothing line, which sells high-quality clothes.

Antje is also an actress, and she made her debut in the 2017 show Wild ‘N Out. Antje has since appeared in other shows.

Her acting got her a positive reception from fans, and people started to see her as an actress. She went on to get roles in movies like Sable and Mob Town.

Her hobbies are listening to music, sports, traveling, and modern literature. She owns a pet dog named Leo.

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