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Valeria Is A Pure Beauty

Valeria Orsini is a fitness and glamour model with a massive following on social media. She is an entrepreneur, trainer, boxer, and one of the most influential models in her niche.

Date Of Birth
January 19, 1990

Birth Place
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Best Known For
Valeria’s physique and ideal measurements, 38-24-38 inches, made her an instant attraction. However, she became one of the most known fitness models by posting workout videos, helping people with dieting while sharing snaps in sexy outfits from the world’s most beautiful locations.

Who Is Valeria Orsini Dating?
The famous model is dating a handsome guy from the business industry. Her boyfriend is famous on Instagram as isellmoney.

Valeria Orsini Boyfriends/Girlfriends
Valeria only shared several photos of her partner, as she does not like to have her romantic life on display.

Valeria Orsini Instagram
Though Valeria’s Instagram is full of sexy photos, there are many motivational and inspirational posts. The model encourages followers to be their best selves, body, and mind.

Her earlier posts included more gym time.

In her first post, she shared a quote by Oscar Wilde. It was in July 2012. After a couple of selfies, the model started dazzling the world and gaining recognition on the platform.

About Valeria Orsini
When Valeria was two years old, her family moved to Florida. Since she was born into a multinational family, Valeria is fluent in English and Spanish.

She graduated from Keizer University in occupational therapy. During the first year of college, Valeria was spotted by a photographer, and her modeling journey started.

Her incredible body did not come overnight. Valeria started boxing as a child and then moved to other sports. She began showing workouts on her website and added healthy diet ideas, which soon resonated with her followers.

Since 2010, Valeria’s star has been on the rise. She appeared in the Latin Mix calendar, South Florida, Chronicle, Mixed Magazine, Krown Magazine, Nine5Four Magazine, etc.

Valeria’s mother is from Colombia, and her father is Puerto Rican and Italian.

Her mom appeared on Valeria’s Instagram since the two ladies are close and vacationed together. Valeria wrote on Instagram that her mom plays bass, and she grew up listening to her mom’s favorite, B.B. King.

Interesting Facts
Valeria launched a jewelry line in 2021.

Valeria appeared in the music video for White Girl by Trina Ft. Flo Rida and Git Fresh.

Her poodle Penny is Valeria’s most famous companion on Instagram.

Valeria loves bright-colored bikinis, movies with Tom Cruise, Ryan Gosling, Margot Robbie, Keira Knightley, and soccer players Neymar Jr. and Lionel Messi.

Her favorite destination is Switzerland.

On Facebook, Valeria has 3,1 million followers.


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